The Pearls and Mustard Seed Gallery will direct
and produce "William Pilch's Pop Up Restaurant!"
Location is  at the Everyday Joe's
144 S Mason
Nov 10th 6-9:30 PM

We want to Show Case Northern Colorado Talent  
in as many ways as possible in one evening.

A  Northern Colorado Caterer will present a meal
the way the European's eat.   It will be a multi
course meal with entertainment for over 3 hours.    
Every 20-30 minutes a new course will appear on
your plate.   You WON'T be eating American Style,
in a
Hurry,   You will be enmeshed in a totally  artist
environment and surrounded by creativity.  

From our community, Dancers, Musicians, Singers,
Painting Artists, Poets, Photographers, and
Comedians will be entertaining throughout the
evening.  They give their talent to you for free.  
Gratuity graciously accepted!

There is a limited number of seats so get your
tickets early.
There will be no liquor served.

Event Info

Nov 10th 2012
6-9:30PM or longer depending on the fun meter.
Tickets are  $27.50 a plate and limited tickets
144 S Mason
Fort Collins, Co, 80524
To purchase them in person contact
* *
William Pilch's Pop-Up Restaurant
The First Pop Up Restaurant comes to Fort Collins
next show:  Nov 10th 2012 show  starts at 6PM
The Pop-Up Restaurant
Does restaurant quality food
need to be confined to the
traditional restaurant model?  
The answer is quickly
becoming no.  With the influx
of pop-up restaurants and
roving supper clubs, the
landscape of New York’s
dining scene seems to be
shifting.  Pop-ups give
temporary homes to novel
ideas and unique talent that
may not have the resources to
plunk down capital on a
permanent home.

A pop-up restaurant is a
temporary restaurant
installation. It could be a try out
for a more permanent
restaurant, something more
like a “food exhibit”, or a one-
night stand. )
The genius of the ever-
changing restaurant is that it’s
always new.   Hard-core
foodies will want to experience
every movement.  
Read about the pop
up restaurant

Executive Chef
Jan Findlater

About a month ago, Sharon and I went to
the first "Pop UP Restaurant" in Fort
Collins.  As far as I can tell, it is the first
one in Colorado and in our multi state
region.  I hear the concept is catching on
from both coasts and moving inward.  I
will say that our evening was very
magical with great fun, laughter,
conversation and LOADED with
entertainment.  We left that night with
high spirits, a smile on our faces and our
stomachs were full but not heavy.  The
food was ... To Live For!

Fort Collins DOES have talent and this is a
great place to see for yourself.  Also note
that these talented people are preforming
for free.  (You may want to bring a little
cash for gratuity!) .
Michael J. Kelley
Catered by